Surprising Ways People Use Drone Technology

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about drone technology usage? Cool aerial shots that are done for a youtube video, perhaps? Or maybe just a pricey toy? Whatever the case may be, the thing is, most people don’t really know that much about the extent of drone use possibilities, but that’s before you have read this article. Here, we are going to talk about some pretty surprising ways for which people utilize drone technology that you probably didn’t know of before.

Use of Drones for Health Assessment

In most cases, health assessment drone technologies are used in agriculture these days – and this drone technology is revolutionizing everything that we know about techniques used for agriculture. 

For instance, it is extremely important to assess crop health, and this is mostly done by spotting bacterial or fungal infections on trees. Instead of sending field teams to sample the whole field, drone technology scans crops using both visible and near-infrared light. The information gathered from these scans produces multispectral images that track changes in plants and indicate their health. 

The main benefit of this technique is speed; such a fast response can save an entire orchard, which is something that can otherwise hardly be done. 

Drones Play a Big Role in Protecting Wildlife

The U.S. government is already utilizing drone techniques to protect the species that inhabit different parts of the country. In most cases, this is fine by utilizing heat sensors that are mounted on the drones. These heat sensors, in most cases thermal imaging cameras and utilizing pc computer market segments, are used to identify and further track the animal’s distribution and density, which is in some cases the only way to do so because ground-based efforts are slow and costly in the thick forests and generally hardly reachable places.

Advantages of Utilizing Such Technologies

The greatest advantage of using heat sensors for these purposes is the fact that the only way to get as detailed information is, well, on foot. The problem with doing so is the fact that it can be extremely time-consuming, expensive, and often inconclusive due to the factor of human error. On the other hand, if you are using even primitive drones, such as model aeroplanes built primarily for hobbyists, you can drastically cut the cost of such conservation work.

It Also Costs Way Less!

Here are some numbers – by utilizing drones, by investing roughly $10,000, a conservation group can produce its own maps in several hours, rather than months if a human expedition was to be utilized instead. Because drones are way faster since they travel by air, they could also update the imagery more frequently for more accurate data on where animals are moving. Just for comparison, the maps created with drones that use heat sensors can provide about 30 times more detail than ones from satellite programs.

The Safety Aspect of Using Drones

Something to have in mind is the fact that if the vehicles that field teams use to drive around can oftentimes compromise the safety of both animals and humans as well. Drones utilization allowing rangers to stay out of the line of fire and helping stabilize areas that would otherwise suffer from human activity.

Drones Can Be Used for 3-D Mapping

Now that we have covered thermal cameras mostly used for mapping the wildlife, or if we talk about agriculture, livestock, let’s talk about creating 3-D maps. Small, lightweight drones are capable of surveying landscapes with thousands of digital images that can easily be stitched together into 3-D maps. If they use lasers for doing so – they use the input of the spectral data returned to map the distance between the ground and the drone, and this data can be extrapolated into 3-D maps pretty easily.

This can be useful not only for exploring otherwise inaccessible areas but also for agriculture purposes in which spectral data provides info on crop growth as well as density.


Last but not least – especially during these times of pandemic, there is a lot of investment being done in making drones your best options when it comes to delivery purposes. Utilizing drones for delivery, be it food, groceries, or amazon deliveries, they provide safe, fast, efficient, contactless deliveries that no human can execute in such a manner.

Truth be told, there are a lot more different possibilities and areas of utilization when it comes to drones, and there is plenty of information on those for you to look up. The thing is, even though drones can already do so much amazing stuff that is borderline sci-fi, drones are still in their infancy, and we just have to wait and see all the amazing stuff that they are going to provide in the future.

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