Tag Assistant by Google

A lot of websites all around the internet have none of the following tag types:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Campaign manager
  • Floodlights
  • Global Site Tag
  • Google Ad manager
  • Google Ads conversation Tracking
  • Google Ads retargeting Tag
  • Google Consumer survey
  • Google Optimize
  • Google Publisher Tag
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Trust Stores
  • Website Satisfaction

This includes more Tags than most businesses in the world will use it but it can still be useful to have all been checked by your browser as a way to get new clients or a way to fix problems with your website since your V.A or someone doing website work may by mistake delete one of your tags so having a way to find out fast can be a powerful way to fix SEO problems which may exist now or in the future alike https://www.bestseocompaniesin.co.uk/

In the option setting, you can put in your favorite domains if you want too or click a box to stop external scripts being checked or tick a box to allow you to record follow links tabs and tick a box for auto-recording reports being made for you when you stop recordings

Default level I prefer to keep on detailed but you may prefer basic instead.

You can if you changed things over and think you done something wrong just click reset to defaults to bring back the settings it started with which can be useful if it does not work well as it used to anymore.

List of checks gives you a lot of different details such as Google Analytics with some more details it can show you errors if any exist among other things here

The report can tell you the speed of your site which is very important since this is now a direct ranking factor in how Google decides where a website should rank in there search engine so it’s important to have a fast loading website as much as possible.

What tags it found will show here such as Google Site Tag

The Analytic report part of it gives you detail about how many people go here and what email account own the codes or have access to through the google account and how you accessed the site such as if you have Chrome as your main browser it will show chrome as how someone did the report to your site with the operating system such as say Windows, Chrome or Linux or anything else software as long as Google has a record of the type of software it should be able to tell you what that type was used here to give you the detail of how Google can work out what software computers operate from and also gives you average traffic going to a page such as 100 or 1000 or anything else to give you a better idea of how to improve your client sites by having now more information or getting new information faster than you could normally do which is a good way to improve how you perform SEO jobs.

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