Time To Be Rich: Checking On Some Of The Best Luxury Watches Of Cartier

Cartier has been manufacturing luxury watches for many years now. As a result of that long year of experience, they’ve mastered the art of making premium and unique types of watches. If you’re not too familiar with Cartier’s luxury watches, here are some of its best luxury watches right now.

Panthere de Cartier – Medium Model

Cartier has many watches, starting from its most basic watches to the most expensive luxury watch. If you’re here to find a costly luxury with a unique design, then Cartier has the perfect watch for you. The Panthere de Cartier line of watches of Cartier is one of its most expensive lines of watches.

The most expensive Panthere de Cartier luxury watch has a price tag of $140,000, excluding sales tax, which means that the price can still go up depending on what country you’re into right now. Why is it so costly? This might be the number one question running to your mind right now. Well, the answer to that question is simple; it’s because it’s a Cartier.

Going to the Panthere de Cartier medium model’s technical side, it’s a quartz movement with a body case made out of 18K white gold. You’ll also find at least 168 high-premium cut diamonds all over the body of this watch. Also, the dial set is made of 18K white gold with another 118 premium-cut diamonds inside it. This is the reason why it’s costly.

Panthere de Cartier- Mini Model

If you think that the medium model is just too expensive for you, don’t worry, you can still own a Panthere de Cartier without paying so much. Here’s the Panthere de Cartier mini model, with a price tag of not more than $4,000; this luxury watch provides the design and qualities of a Panthere de Cartier in a much affordable price range.

Just like other Panthere de Cartier watches, the mini model is also using quartz movement. The body case is made out of premium built steel, and the front is protected by a sapphire crystal, which provides more excellent resistance to scratches. You’ll also notice its blue crown synthetic spinel on the side. The silver dial also complements well to its blued-steel hands.

Tank Solo – Small Model

The Tank Solo small model belongs to the Cartier’s Tank line watches. If you’re into classic luxury watches, this is the perfect watch for you. Cartiers has many types of tank watches, but what you right now is the most basic tank watch you can ever have from Cartier. With a price, not more than $3,000, the Solo, small model, is the watch for everyone.

The Tank Solo small model is basically made to be durable and fancy at the same time. The case is made of premium steel, while on the side, you’ll have a cabochon-shaped synthetic spinel. You’ll notice other key features on the Tank Solo: the Roman Numerals, blued-steel hands, silvered opaline dial, and the sapphire crystal that protects the front.

Tank Solo also uses different straps; you either have stainless steel, gold, or brown leather. But for this particular model, you’ll have premium interchangeable grained calfskin colored in black accompanied with a double folding adjustable buckle steel. Overall, this watch screams simplicity and elegance.

Ballon Bleu De Cartier – 42MM Rhodiumized White Gold With Diamonds

Want something different out of the ordinary, and if money isn’t an issue for you, the Ballon Bleu De Cartier 42MM is the perfect luxury watch. With a price tag of $175,000, this watch isn’t for everyone. It’s using a mechanical movement combined with an automatic movement.

What makes it very expensive is its 18K white gold and a total of at least 1,100 diamond cuts all around its body and bracelet. You’ll be shining bright when you’re wearing this extravagant timepiece.


Whether you buy the most expensive Cartier luxury watch or the simplest and most affordable timepiece, you’ll never go wrong with Cartier. All of the Cartier watches are beautiful in their own way. Cartier combined elegance, high-quality build, and prestige to every watch that they have right now.


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