Tips for choosing a Outsourced Python Team

Have a close look at their portfolio

In order to choose python application development team it’s recommended to pay attention to the portfolio. Study your portfolio. Look for such studios that have experience in similar projects that are relevant to yours. If there is no portfolio, then:

  • the studio appeared recently, there may be not enough experience in project implementation;
  • projects cannot be shown to a wide audience, hence the conclusion – either this is due to the NDA, or projects of poor quality. Make a choice.

Most of all, of course, you should be interested in the portfolio section of python development company, and the list of clients to whom the studio has already provided services.

Look at the latest works that are in the top, usually the studio itself is proud of these works. Advice: see the portfolio of software development in python not only on the studio’s website, but also how the website works “live”, check the developers’ copyright.

Review their tech stack

With experienced developer the client gets a certain quality guarantor and confidence in the subsequent work of the project. An experienced developer, that has been working in this area for at least 5 years, is the best variant. If to look through the portfolio of the performer for python app development services, there can be tracked the evolution of the complexity of completed projects.

Many companies use the service of freelancers. In this case, everyone except the customer gets the benefit. It is very important that there are qualified specialists on the staff.

The creation of a web project of any complexity must be approached in a complex. Companies that provide a wide range of services related to your project take responsibility for the quality execution of each stage. With such a complex, it will be easier for the customer to manage his project, and the developers will know absolutely all the nuances about your project, which will have a very positive effect on it in the future. Tech stack of is on the high level.

Balance of quality and price

A quality product comes at a price. In order to get the most out of your app, no need to chose the cheapest variant. Does a web development studio promise fast results for a low price? Prepare for a failure in either deadlines or functionality.

The python development agency must have publicly available prices for the services provided. Thus, it is possible to monitor prices for such services.

In the process of negotiations, it is important to understand the calculation of the cost of the project and also have a technical assignment so that later you know where it came from.

Communication is key

To begin with, remember the truism: when choosing a web design studio for a python software development company, you are choosing an approach to project management, a reliable assistant, and ideally a long-term web partner. An ugly menu button can be easily redrawn, but you can’t change your approach to business! Meet the team: As with recruiting, even the most beautiful resume is no substitute for a personal meeting with the development team.

They should use Agile

In a nutshell: Agile project management methodology involves dividing a project into multiple stages for repeated iterations and constant interaction between project team members and stakeholders. Because Agile focuses on iteration and collaboration, it promotes frequent stakeholder engagement and increased data transparency throughout the project lifecycle. It helps the design teams for the python software company to adapt to changes as the project progresses.

Learning of the structure of project team

Take a look at company employees. How many are there? Try to find information about their achievements, and also study the structure of the project team in order to understand how well the work will be coordinated and what the result will be.

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