Top 10 Hybrid Smartwatches to Buy in the Market

A hybrid smartwatch is a combination of a traditional mechanical wristwatch and a smartwatch. It is the best option for people who love high-tech watches for health and fitness with analog time tickers. Below is the list of the top 10 hybrid smartwatches in 2020.

Withings Steel HR Sport Smartwatch

In terms of design and health features, Withings Steel HR Sport is the best hybrid smartwatch on the list. It comes with very stylish and attractive aesthetics and numerous fitness tracker attributes. When it comes to battery life, this smartwatch can run for twenty-five days without charging.

Steel HR Sport has every feature you need, from steps, distance, burned calories counter, to heart-rate monitoring. You can also toggle the button to the digital clock view. This smartwatch only costs less than a hundred dollars on Amazon and even comes in two colors, white and black.

Fossil Hybrid HR Smartwatch

Fossil Hybrid HR is the most recommended smartwatch for those people that are not a fan of touchscreens. It has very accessible pushers with only three buttons. This smartwatch boasts its heart-rate tracker feature and battery life that lasts up to fourteen days. It also has excellent notification alerts with firm vibrations on every message or email you receive.

Skagen Connected Stainless Steel Smartwatch

Skagen Connected Stainless Steel Hybrid Smartwatch features an analog watch display with a sleek and astonishing design. The screen displays distance, steps, and burned calorie trackers. If you are fun to travel, you don’t have to worry about manually setting the time. This smartwatch automatically synchronizes the time zone in your device.

Fossil Q Commuter Leather Smartwatch

Another affordable hybrid smartwatch on the list is the Fossil Q Commuter. It is built with a battery that can last for twelve months. It comes with an exquisite classic design with modern functionalities. It has three push buttons on the right side that can change music or take a photo.

Withings Move ECG Smartwatch

The ECG in the Withings Move Hybrid Smartwatch means an electrocardiogram monitor. It is used to detect if you have an irregular heartbeat. This smartwatch supports GPS and has a battery life that lasts up to twelve months. It comes with an analog watch display with satisfying features like an altimeter and sleep monitoring.

Misfit Command Smartwatch

Misfit Command is one of the cheapest hybrid smartwatches on the list with an Amazon price of only $59. It has a simple yet astonishing design with a battery life that can last for twelve months. With its alert vibration feature, you can do whatever you want without having to worry about missing some of your important messages.

Misfit Phase Smartwatch

Another model of a Misfit hybrid smartwatch is the Phase, which has a minimalistic yet striking design. It is only equipped with basic fitness and health tracking features, but the upside is, its battery life lasts for six months. It comes with 50-meter water-resistance and assures a high-performance rate. If you are shopping for an affordable yet high-quality smartwatch, Misfit Phase is the best for you.

Fossil Carlie Smartwatch

Fossil Carlie is one of the best hybrid smartwatches in terms of accuracy and precision. It is specifically designed for women featuring an over-all pinkish look. Aside from affordability, this smartwatch also boasts its high-end performance.

Garmin Vivomove Luxe Smartwatch

Although expensive, Garmin Vivomove Luxe is worth your money. It is one of the best hybrid smartwatches in the market with high-end characteristics and luxurious design. It comes with multiple colors built with 18 and 24-karat gold steel. It is also water-resistant and equipped with a dual AMOLED display.

Garmin Vivomove Style Smartwatch

The Vivomove Style is another Garmin product on the list. It is one of the most recommended hybrid smartwatches in the market for fitness and health enthusiasts. It comes with many features like heart-rate and stress-level monitoring.


This list will help you find the hybrid smartwatch that best suits you. Detailed thoroughly with specifications, design information, and affordability, you can learn everything at first glance.


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