Top 5 League of Legends Champions for Beginners

League of legends has over 130 heroes so choosing the best one or the one that is very suitable for your gameplay may be confusing. After all, each one is different and each one comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Your task is to choose the one that matches your requirements the most. Below, you can see 5 heroes that are ideal for beginners of all types. Pair the new facts with the League of Counters and you will become a strong gamer. 

  • Garen

Garen is probably the ultimate hero for all beginners. First of all, he can attack fast and he can escape when needed. In addition, he also has plenty of tanks and above-average AoE. One of the main advantages here is the ability to restore lost health. This is especially needed and highly desirable for all beginners who are still experimenting with the game. Garen is a great hero in the early game. He can use Decisive Strike which will inflict the last hit and still keep you hidden. During team fights, you should target the strongest enemies. You will inflict plenty of damage and you will distract them which will result in a team victory.

  • Ashe

Ashe is a different type of hero. She is very weak and as such you need to stay in the background in order to help the team. But, she has a super long range which is very appealing for newbies. At the same time, we can see Hawk shot spell which can reveal the map and show you hidden enemies. Then there is Enchanted Crystal Arrow. It is a spell that will hit the enemies and then stun them immediately. 

  • Annie

Annie is a great hero as well. She is a mage and she is ideal if you are one of those gamers who want to inflict a massive amount of damage over the shortest period of time. Annie’s Q Disintegrate is a spell we like a lot. It is great to use on multiple enemies and it has a short cooldown period. Tibbers is another, very important skill. In this mode, you get a pet who will help you with damages and with killing the enemies. Last but not least, this spell can cause damage to multiple enemies at the same time.

  • Singed

Singed is a tricky hero. He has strong capabilities and he is very powerful, but he has an ace in his sleeve. He has the ability to lay down poison across the terrain so when another hero follows Singed, he will develop massive damages over a short period of time. The second spell you will be able to use is called Rylai’s Crystal Scepter and it can be paired with the aforementioned poison-based feature. You will slow enemies down and damage them. 

  • Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo is an amazing hero for all beginners but can be a great choice for those with some experience. The main advantage here is the ability to generate health over time. This may sound the same as Garen, but Dr. Mundo generates health all the time. You will need to watch for his spells and skills. They cost health to generate so you may need time to be able to use them again. One drawback of the hero is the low performance in the first levels. He is weak and he will need plenty of time to generate health. In higher levels, this is completely eliminated and his capabilities are improved. 


These are the best characters of League of Legends for beginners. You can pick any one of them you like and enjoy the game to the maximum. Some of them may be weak at first, but they will develop their skills and spells over time.

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