Top 5 RexDL Alternatives – Download Cracked Apps for Android

Boasting millions of apps and a sophisticated freemium model for the app and game industry, the Google Play Store app is essentially a treasure trove of freebie goodies. Available to every Android user, the Google Play Store app offers all sorts of apps and games to pique the interest of millions of people. However, unless you’re willing to throw down $20 for in-app purchases or so per app (or over $100 for a full Android game), the Play Store app can be extremely limiting.

Moreover, the availability (or lack thereof) for certain apps and games on individual regions of the Play Store can be truly infuriating. With all these frustrations, Android users have been on the lookout for such a potent alternative. And as it turns out, there are a number of viable and easy-to-use Play Store alternatives out there.

Top 5 Best RexDL Alternatives:

1. RevDL:

RevDL is perhaps one of the most trustworthy sites on the internet for downloading cracked apps, games, and other Android goodies. However, the site doesn’t work in an unconventional fashion. It essentially functions just like the original Google Play Store app and acts as a replica, without any differences whatsoever. However, unlike the boring Google Play Store app, RevDL allows users to access hundreds and thousands of apps and games without having to pay for in-app goodies and purchases.

The cool part about is that it offers the most up-to-date apps and games to Android users as soon as the developer releases them on the Play Store. This means you’ll never be stuck with old versions and antiquated apps of third-party apps.

2. RedMoonPie:

RedMoonPie is by far the best and the only direct and official alternative for browsing Android apps and games. The app has all the traditional features of a Play Store app, including access to popular apps and games, new release wallpapers and ringtones, user ratings, and comments.

What makes so nice is that it’s available for free, with no in-app purchases or trials whatsoever. In addition, the app is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms. All you have to do is read and follow the instructions on the website, and you’re basically good to go. Even if the app or game is not available in your country according to Play Store, RedMoonPie has got you covered.

3. AndroidHackers:

Another top-notch Play Store alternative,, is perhaps the top choice for those who simply want to browse thousands and tens of thousands of apps without having to pay hefty in-app purchases. The app and game repository for Android is chock-full of trending apps and games, including popular Google Play Store goodies like Pokemon Go, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and Blackmagic. Further, APK4Free is maintained by a team of professional app developers who are known for their efforts in providing the best and more advanced Android apps and games to the mass audience.

4. iHackedit:

If there’s a website out there, which caters to users who just want to download cracked apps and games, it’s As the best Play Store alternative for app seekers who love to enjoy their favorite games and apps without paying a fortune, iHackedit is the place to go when you want to enjoy the best apps and games for free and want to get rid of the “buy” banners and popups on the original Google Play Store app.

5. Android4Fun:

Last but not least, is another outstanding Play Store alternative for Android apps and games. The website hosts applications of all genres, including business and office apps, web browsers, music and entertainment apps, social networking apps, and a plethora of other awesome apps.

The best part about the site is that the repository features both paid and free apps and games with free-to-play mechanisms. Another notable feature is that many of the apps and games on the site are geared towards international users in countries like India, China, and Russia, with their native language support.

Final Thoughts:

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are plenty of alternatives to the Google Play Store app. However, in case you don’t feel like enduring Google’s cut-throat business model, make sure to give these sites a whirl. I can guarantee you that you won’t regret it.


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