Top Ways E-learning Mobile Apps are Empowering Education

Mobile apps have emerged as one of the most life-changing innovations for humankind. This technology is playing a huge role in connecting, educating, and empowering people. Today there is an app for meeting every need of humans. Be it for entertainment, education, work from home, shopping, or ordering groceries, you can find mobile apps for any of these needs on platforms like Google Play Store and Apple Store. Mobile app development for catering to various needs of industries is on the rise. Moreover, many aspiring developers have jumped into the pool of app development as a key to the start of their entrepreneurial careers.

In this post, we’ll be focusing on e-learning mobile apps and how they are taking education to new heights. According to Statista, the global e-learning market is predicted to exceed 243 billion USD by 2022. Since last year, when a global lockdown was imposed in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, e-learning has emerged as the most prevalent education or learning method. Most educational institutions and students have adopted online learning as the best and most convenient way of learning at a time when everyone is advised to stay home. Let’s move forward and learn more about how mobile e-learning apps are pushing education to new heights.

#1 Most interactive way of learning

E-learning mobile apps are emerging as the most interactive way of learning. These apps use the best technologies to prepare lessons in order to make them more interactive, engaging, and understandable. E-learning attracts all kinds of learners, be it avid learners to least interested learners. The classes are designed using breakthrough technologies that are so fascinating that even a learner with zero interest in studies finds them valuable and exciting. The methods used in this app make learning more interactive by allowing students to engage and participate actively in the learning sessions. E-learning mobile app development has been an up-and-coming trend, and more and more aspiring entrepreneurs and big firms are investing in this trend.

#2 More learning opportunities

Most of the traditional schools focus primarily on providing basic education and courses that are most common among other schools and students. Thus, when a student wants to learn something that the school doesn’t offer, his urge for learning has to be controlled due to a lack of options. But mobile e-learning apps ensure that every student gets to learn and attend the course they like virtually. For example, many local schools don’t offer classes or learning sessions on animation; hence, a student willing to take a class on animation is left with no other choice. But e-learning apps solve this problem to a significant extent by offering students a wide range of courses. Popular apps like edX, Udemy, Khan Academy, etc., offer various courses on a range of topics such as animation, computer programming, robotics, and many more. Hence, e-learning apps provide more learning opportunities to individuals by giving them easy access to the classes they want to take.

#3 Making education affordable

Affordable education is a fundamental right of a student to ensure that they get to learn and grow. Many parents find it challenging to sponsor their children’s education, or sometimes they don’t have enough money to send them to a tier-1 school. Due to a lack of amenities and limited resources, regular schools sometimes fail to provide top-class education. E-learning mobile can help such parents to fill the gap in wanting and receiving standard education very efficiently. As mentioned before, e-learning apps offer many learning opportunities and that too at very affordable prices. edX, Udemy, Byjus, Freecodecamp are some of the best e-learning apps that offer affordable lessons and, sometimes, free classes. This way, e-learning apps ensure that no child has to give up his dream of learning because of financial issues or limited course availability in

schools. E-learning apps offer best-in-class courses in the most affordable way. Moreover, most of these learning sessions are prepared by the world’s best educators, allowing underprivileged students to learn from the best.

#4 Accessible education for all

One of the fascinating advantages of using e-learning mobile apps is that students can start learning from anywhere and anytime. Unlike schools and coaching institutes, e-learning mobile apps have no bar when it comes to availability. Using these apps, students are entitled to limitless education, 24/7 with no time bar. Moreover, sometimes students have to miss learning sessions if they fail to attend schools. Unlike schools, with e-learning apps, no matter what place or country, a student can learn anytime, irrespective of his location. This way, e-learning mobile apps are making education more accessible to all.

#5 Personalized learning

Personalized learning is by far the best benefit of receiving education through e-learning mobile apps. Students can personalize the classes they are interested in by choosing them based on their duration. Moreover, the students are given the freedom to select the teacher from whom they want to learn. There are multiple courses available on e-learning apps. Moreover, for a particular area of interest such as animation, there are numerous lessons available made by different teachers. Hence students are free to attend demos and select the teacher whose teaching method they are comfortable with. Students are free to set their own goals based on their learning pace and hours they can spend on a particular course, unlike physical institutes where students are not given a choice to select their teacher and set their own learning pace and milestone. Hence we can say e-learning apps have given a significant boost to education by providing personalized learning provision to students.

#6 Better learning tools

E-learning mobile apps integrate best technologies and practices while devising learning sessions. Using breakthrough technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, the internet of things(IoT), etc., the e-learning apps have made learning more interactive and fun. Most of the e-learning classes involve PowerPoint presentations and animations that help students comprehend and understand the concept in a fun way. These learning tools make education more exciting and engaging for students. App development service seekers must check the list of top mobile app development companies cataloged by GoodFirms to find the right service provider matching your needs.

Wrapping up

Mobile apps have become a crucial part of life these days. They have brought a substantial technological disruption and have highly altered the way we used to perform tasks. Today there’s an app to meet our every small need, and our lives are becoming more and more dependent on these mobile apps. In this post, we highlighted different ways e-learning mobile apps are boosting education. E-learning mobile apps have brought a huge revolution in the education sector. E-learning mobile apps have empowered education by making it more accessible, affordable, and fun for all. This post will surely help developers and students to grasp the importance of e-learning mobile apps.

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