Best Working 12 Torrent Search engines for 2020

Searching a torrent file for your query is a bit difficult if you don’t do it properly. You may have searched for a single torrent in several torrents one by one. Do you know you can also access the results from all these torrent sites? That is where the term torrent search comes into work.

What Is A Torrent Search Engine?

Just like how a regular search engine scrapes results from all the websites, a torrent search engine also does the same but only from BitTorrent websites. They are used to crawl a list of torrent websites in order to find the torrent files and magnet links for the users.

In simple words, a search engine is just like the supermarket of the internet, where you can find the content of various websites under a single search. It will expand your result with a list of website and you can choose the best torrent from there. 

So this is the reason, we are providing you with the list of 12 Best Torrent Search Engines to Use in 2020.

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Torrents-me search engine

This is one of the most beautifully designed torrent search engines which is very different from any other torrent-related site available. keep tracks of these frequently changing trends and provide a good idea of what’s hot and what you may be looking for. Its homepage features a wide range of torrent lists, showing search trends for popular queries. 

The UI is neat and clean, so you won’t see any nasty ads popping up from anywhere. It has its own built-in system which ranks different websites in a different niche such as movies, games, books, software etc. You can also check for the torrent you like and get relevant BitTorrent download by using the search button at the top left.


torrentz search engine

Next on our list is Torrentz2, which is the second version of the now-offline site Torrentz (it was taken down due to illegal activities involving copyright infringement). Despite being the clone, the new version excels more than the predecessor.

The website’s homepage offers an insight into the most common and popular torrents, which includes movies, software, music, TV shows, and more. Currently, it indexes more than 61 million files from 90+ torrent site, making it one of the most potent torrents search engine you can find. This search engine is also available in an onion version over TOR, which makes sure that it can be accessed anytime without any downtime. 



It is a simply designed torrent search engine. The home page consists of only a prominent logo and a search bar as well. Just type the name of the torrent you want, and you’ll get the result. However, the results page looks a bit awful; anyway, it finds the result you want.  

It uses the Google Custom Search feature to scrape through top 100 torrent websites. Mostly it relies on all popular torrent repositories, and sometimes it also shows niche websites as well, which would give you plenty of search results. Unfortunately, you can only sort results based on relevancy and dates.


snowfl legal search engine is a torrent scraper that goes through different public torrent indexes to search for a result like any other search engine.It is actually a custom google search that focuses on torrent sites and its content.

It has a more straightforward UI with minimal distractions and occasional ads. It also has a built-in night mode option, which will help your eyes. Once you input your query on the search bar, the website will display a long list of results which are indexes from the top torrent websites like PirateBay, Rarbg, 13377x, etc. It also provides a (.)onion link for TOR users to access the torrent file. 

veoble engine

Veoble is one of the best all in one search engines which is also powered by Google Custom Search. It features a fairly standard interface with a prominent search bar on the home page. It uses a trendy black background to lessen the brightness and to prevent eye strain. 

Veoble filters the result from the web to display relevant results form your search keyword or phrase, and it also gives you the option to filter results by date, torrent sites, and languages. It provides different search results like general web search, image search, and torrent file search. You may enjoy searching on the fast, reliable, and easy to use search engine. 


XtorX engine

Just like most of the search engines, XTORX also consists of a homepage with just a traditional search bar. It features an incredibly simple and easy to use interface and a powerful engine.

When you enter any query, it shows a list of search results acquired from different torrent sites. Unfortunately, there is no option to sort out the results. Clicking on any of these entries will redirect you to the source website where you can download the torrent file. XTORX has some disadvantages, but it gets the job done efficiently.

Solid Torrents


Next, on the list of best torrents search engines of 2019, we have a relatively new torrent search engine called ‘Solid Torrents’ . This is a clean, privacy-focused torrent search engine. It has already managed to leave footprints on the computer of a vast number of users. Solid torrents show very relevant torrent results and allow you to check every info before downloading any torrent, and mainly it gets the job done very quickly.

Solid Torrents feature tagging system, which helps you discover related content quickly. P2P users also can mark the non-working torrents which help the website to serve only working options. Since this project is still under heavy development, you may encounter some problems and bugs.



Toorgle is a torrent search engine inspired by Google as its name says. It uses the Application Programming Interface of Google to collect torrents from different websites. This search engine interface looks similar to Torrentz2, which also feature just the search bar on the home page.

Its outdated traditional looks make the search engine lighter weight and easier to load on slow internet. Toorgle can crawl over 450+ different torrent sites to find the best result you want. You can also sort out the result based on relevancy and date. 

AIO Search

AIO Search is the best in the list in terms of user interface and friendliness. When you visit this site for the first time, you will see a tutorial on how to use different features of websites like Logging in, sorting out results, entering a query, etc. This site features a prominent search bar with the option to exclude and include torrent sites from the search result.

AIO search is a very powerful search engine that takes only a few seconds to display results from included torrent sites. Apart from torrents, you can also search for images, videos, subtitles, etc. as well.



Just like Torrentz2, it is also a less popular clone website of the original search engine Torrentz. Its homepage consists of a prominent search bar and a list of torrent sites that are featured on this search engine.

TorrentZeta uses Google Custom Search to crawl over a list of 30+ torrent sites to give you the best result. Its search bar gives you the real-time relevant keyword as you type your query. Once you click on a result, it will take you to the torrent’s source, where you can download the file. Sadly, you cannot sort your results on a different basis except for relevancy. 

P2P Guru

p2p guru

P2P Guru is also another torrent site featuring a huge collection of contents. Its interface looks more like a media streaming site than just a torrent site. You can see a well-categorized list of movies, TV Series, games, music, and books here. 

This is mainly a torrent site and unlikely a search engine but you can find all sorts of entertainment content by typing your query on the search bar. It also displays content on subcategories like popular, new and upcoming. Moreover, you will have the option to sort out the result depending on the category of your query. 

(Honorable mention)

UTorrent Search Bar

A built-in search bar in uTorrent is also an interesting option for torrents. With a proper configuration, you have the possibility of getting a good result for your query. Although it is not as good as other search engines mentioned on the list, it will get your job done.  This uses the google search engine to filter out the magnet links related to your entry. Once you find your torrent file, you can directly download it through uTorrent.

Those all the all in one list of best torrent search engines.


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