Best five Umbrella Strollers with Canopies

There are many kinds of umbrella strollers but usually, there are full sized strollers. However, packing a full sized stroller can be quite a hassle, especially if you are going on a vacation. That is where the umbrella strollers with canopies come in play. They are a small version of the traditional stroller and weigh very little. These strollers are designed to be easy to carry around since they can fold into a slender. However, umbrella strollers with canopies have different features compared to the full sized strollers and lack some of its amenities.

Every parent needs a stroller but not an umbrella stroller with canopy. However, many parents purchase an umbrella stroller with canopies because of the convenience. They are half the size of traditional strollers and they save you time and effort.

Despite the convenient features of umbrella strollers, they are still not that popular and many parents do not about them yet or are hesitant on buying one. This buying guide will help you decide to choose the right umbrella stroller for you by telling the pros and cons of the best five umbrella strollers with canopies:

  1. Evezo ultra lightweight umbrella stroller
  2. Summer 3Dflip lightweight umbrella stroller
  3. Gb all-terrain, ultra-lightweight travel stroller
  4. Kolcraft cloud plus lightweight umbrella stroller
  5. Evezo 214A1 ultra lightweight umbrella stroller


Evezo ultra lightweight umbrella stroller

This stroller has a lot of features that both the parents and baby will like. It is designed in such a way that it provides stability and comfort with the help of easy to grip handles, a fully reclining backrest and a quick-fold frame. It even has 5-point harness and extra padding for extra comfort. It is designed for new born babies as well as 3-year-old babies too and can withstand up to 40 pounds. This stroller has a frame made up of 80 percent steel and 20 percent nylon. It has a net weight of approximately 8 kilograms or 16 pounds. Double layered quality fabric, filled with flame-resistant materials, which makes the seat comfortable, is used in designing this lightweight umbrella stroller. In addition to the 5-point safety harness, it also has locking brakes and front collision safety bar. Furthermore, this umbrella stroller has a storage bin underneath the seat which is made up of mesh-net.


  • This stroller can be quickly adjusted using one hand, making it easier for the parents to adjust the reclining seat of the stroller. Moreover, this reclining seat can also lay-flat to 165 degrees. Hence, one of its pros is that it has quick and easy recline.
  • It has extra storage space, that is sometimes, essential for travelling.
  • It saves your baby from the UV rays from the sun with its extended canopy which extends up to 10 degrees. It even has a peek a boo window that helps with better air circulation and allows you to see your little one easily.
  • This stroller has a lightweight frame, a compact fold and only weigh up to 16 pounds, which is convenient as well as comfortable for the parents.
  • With the help of 5-point harness and footrest, your child will always be able to take comfortable nap.


  • It costs 62 dollars, however the shipping and import fees of this stroller is quite high, making it too expensive for an umbrella stroller with a canopy.
  • All the wheels are close together and you may find it difficult to walk with it.
  • It smells like chemicals.

Summer 3Dflip lightweight umbrella stroller

Umbrella Strollers with Canopies

This 3Dflip stroller will flip a lot of parents when they see it. This stroller is designed to have a unique reversible seat which allows the baby to face both the sides depending on their mood. This stroller’s lightweight frame is made up of aluminum which makes it very durable. It has a large seat area, rear wheel locks and anti-shock front wheels that ensure a comfortable ride for the baby. Similar to the previous stroller mentioned, this umbrella stroller also has 5-point harness. In addition to the 5-point harness, it also has 6-position recline, 3 of them are forward facing and 3 of them are rear. Moreover, with the help of infant head support, this stroller keeps the child comfortable while he/she naps, making it great for travel. This umbrella stroller also has an oversized canopy which can be adjusted using only one hand, with a peek a boo window allowing you to view your child more easily.


  • It is light weighted, weighing only 13 pounds, and is easy to carry around.
  • This stroller can withstand more weight, up to 50 pounds, compared to other umbrella strollers.
  • It has a large storage area and a parent cup holder, as well as a carry strap and 5-point harness, your child will take a comfortable nap. All the features make it perfect for travelling.
  • Like all umbrella strollers with canopies, this stroller too, has a light weight frame, making it super convenient for the moms and sometimes dads too, to take your child out for a walk or to a trip to the grocery store.
  • It has a lock bar as well as a carry strap, which makes carrying the stroller more convenient.
  • The oversized canopy of this stroller is UV proof and help your child protect themselves from the sun heat rays.
  • This stroller’s handles are designed ergonomically. The manufacturers made the handles tall making it easier for the parents.


  • This stroller is quite expensive costing around 104 dollars. Although, it will become more expensive after you have added the shipping and import fees.
  • Despite the fact that this stroller is considered perfect for the travelling, it does not have a snack tray.
  • Compared to other umbrella strollers with canopies, the seat of this stroller is not as deep as it should be.
  • It is only available in one color, black.

Gb all-terrain, ultra-lightweight travel stroller

This stroller is ergonomically designed to be lightweight and compact. It is so compact compared to other strollers that it won the 2014 Guinness world record of the most compact umbrella stroller. This stroller is small but strong, weighing about 10 pounds. It is available in many colors including but not limited to posh pink, sea port blue and Capri blue. This stroller is more durable than any other umbrella stroller and is made for 6 months and older toddlers. Furthermore, it can withstand 55 pounds of weight. Similar to both the previous strollers mentioned, this stroller as well, has a 5-point harness, which ensures that your child will have the most comfortable sleep he has ever had. Moreover, this stroller has a sliding back panel which can be adjusted if your child wants more space.

To keep your child comfortable, this stroller has a thick padding on its seat. It also has an extra storage basket that can carry 11 pounds. The frame of this stroller is made up of aluminum, maintaining the lightweight frame without sacrificing any durability. Furthermore, it also has parking brakes on its rear wheel making it more convenient for the parents. It costs about 160 dollars which is expensive. However, it is worth paying the price if you want a stroller that grows with your child.


  • With the help of rear and front parking brakes, this stroller ensures that your child is safe and secured as well as comfortable.
  • 5-point harness also ensures the same, that is your child is comfortable sleeping in it.
  • The seat is removable and its fabric is easy to wash
  • This stroller is too compact when folded
  • This stroller is also easy to turn with the help of its swivel wheels


  • It costs 160 dollars. However, it can get more expensive with its shipping and importing fees.
  • This is one of the few umbrella strollers with canopies that do not protect from sun rays that well.

Kolcraft cloud plus lightweight umbrella stroller

This umbrella stroller is one of the best umbrella strollers even though it is not as compact, compared to others, when folded. This lightweight stroller has a snack tray attached to it making it the perfect stroller for toddlers who casually snack every once in a while. The attached tray is so convenient that it also folds with the stroller, allowing your kid to eat, play and nap whenever they want.

Kolcraft umbrella stroller have features including but not limited to a reclining seat, footrest, soft padding on the seat and a 5-point harness. All of these features ensure that your child stays comfortable. Furthermore, this stroller has a large storage area with a parent tray and 2 cup holders. Although, these cup holders may be small and useful for juice boxes. Last but not the least, it also has a storage basket underneath the seat, made up of mesh.

Additionally, this stroller also has an oversized canopy that folds out, which helps to protect your toddler from the sun rays. It also has a peek a boo window on the canopy, that allows you to watch over your little one more easily.


  • This stroller is one of the best umbrella for a certain reason. It has plenty of storage space. It has 2 cup holders, a toddler tray and even a storage basket.
  • It has a toddler tray which is perfect for snacks and toys, making it perfect for toddlers.
  • Recline function allows your toddler to relax on longer rides


  • It costs around 176 dollars but the shipping and importing fees is quite high of it.
  • It has shallow cup holders
  • It can be quite difficult to fold this stroller

Evezo ultra lightweight umbrella stroller

This model of the umbrella stroller is quite similar to the first one. This stroller has a lightweight frame made up of steel which weighs around 16 pounds. This stroller is recommended for the use of 6 months to 3 year-old toddlers and it can withstand up to 40 pounds of weight. It has a nice seat made from double layered fabric which is filled with flame-resistant materials. Like all the strollers mentioned in this buying guide, this stroller too has a 5-point harness, locking brakes and a front collision safety bar.

Similar to its previous model, it has a storage bin located underneath the baby seat made from mesh-net. Additionally, it has a pocket storage as well. This stroller is only available in the color pink. Furthermore, it has a 3 leg footrest that allows your little one to rest nicely and sleep comfortably.

This stroller is also great for travelling because of its extra storage space located under the seat. It also adjusts to 3 height positions with the help of 5-point harness and can be used even when your child grows, ensuring your child will always have comfortable ride no matter how much they grow. Last but not the least, this stroller is too lightweight, convenient and comfortable for both the parents and the toddler.


  • Similar to its previous model, the reclining seat of this stroller can be adjusted easily using only one hand, making it way more convenient for the parents.
  • It has a large canopy with a peek a boo window allowing your child to enjoy the top view while protecting them from the UV rays of the sun.
  • It has extra storage space compared to other strollers
  • It is one of the most compact strollers when folded, making it easier to carry around.


  • This model is quite expensive compared to its previous model. It costs almost 104 dollars, which is double the price of its previous model.
  • This model is only available in pink color. Every parent has a different preference on buying umbrella strollers with canopies, and do not like this particular color
  • Similar to its previous model, all the wheels of this model are very close together as well, which make it difficult to walk around with it, and the fabric of the seat smells like chemicals.

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