Use Bird Emojis To Emulate Human Traits

Have you ever wondered and asked what type of bird can best describe you?. If you take a closer look, animals, and humans possess traits and characteristics that are seemingly alike in many ways. Depicting that same sense of emotion as it relates to the other species or of its same kind.

As we come a mile to a millennial way of communicating, emojis’ use expands beyond its limits. The usage becomes endless and unimaginably creative.  The notion of a simple text description is made animated to express what one wants to perceive it to be explicit. Let us explore more in describing yourself through different types of bird emojis available.

Turkey Emoji

This turkey emoji, introduced in 2015 and is a fully qualified part of Unicode 8.0, is identified with Americans’ festive thanksgiving celebration. It collates that undeniably sense of gratitude. When you set in the mood of getting that thank you spirit to get through, this animated turkey will indeed send the message clear and strong.

As a kind of bird, Turkey is highly intelligent, it can recognize each other through the different sounds of their voice, and more than 20 variations have been identified with it. Can you imagine how quick that brain works? Now, if you are up to bragging those intelligent neurons in your blogs and stories, surely this emoji will set the pace.

Benjamin Franklin would describe this bird as a bird of courage because it loves exploring and is incredibly curious about their surroundings. It can fly 55 miles an hour and run 18 miles an hour. Take that as a human form daredevil adventure seeker portrays it to be. Gearing on to heighten that courage tank in you, this bird will genuinely speak of you.

Eagle Emoji

It is known to be the sky god, the eagle emoji details that majestic bird of prey who will not surrender no matter what strength its target may possess. It has a feature of brown feathers combined wistfully with that distinctive white head. This emoji, approved in Unicode 9.0 in 2016, signifies both speed and royalty.

As the eagle resembles its high soaring characteristic, it venerates as living symbols of power and transcendence. Such epitome we can speak of and see in traits of an effective leader. When you want to put high regard on someone for setting these values into its leadership, the eagle emoji transcends and can mark that veneration well.

An eagle is solitary and tends to embody that monogamous etiquette which is not common to most animal types. It maintains the same breeding pair year after year, and will only take on another one if the mating pair dies. Now take that to impress the woman of your dreams. Give her your eagle sign, show off your loyalty prowess, and take yes as an answer.

Swan Emoji

As approved as part of Unicode 11.0 in 2018, this emoji featuring that silhouette of white feathers and a long neck gently weaves that water bird that flawlessly glides in water. The emoji magically flaunts in that unfathomed grace colliding gently with beauty. Such that this animated bird will correctly put into tone the embodiment of beautiful.

Like that of a princess, it moves in serene motion on a pristine flow of the water. Gentle as the swan, this bird variation emulates calm. Tenderly like a graceful maiden, it maintains that grace amidst the chaos. It is sailing gently through life, despite its uncertainty. This emoji carries on with it the silent battles of a woman.

As revered through its majestic beauty, the swan is seen to be like a person who values finer things in life and puts on high regard with appearance—however fragile as it may seem, the emoji manifests that self-love in its optimum realm.


Whether you are the bird that preys on courage, or the sky god that reigns sovereignty in the wild, or the calm goddess of beauty, take on and take pride in who you are through each unique animation that this bird emojis can let you fly in and soar high.

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