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Cisco’s at the Top

The company that asserted an influential hand in the building of the internet still continues to show technological excellence. Transportation, entertainment, healthcare; you name it. Every business in every industry acknowledges the reliability of Cisco products. Take for example Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA), on its way to becoming the largest airport in the world, hiring over 1.5 million employees. Inevitably, operating this gargantuan structure equals gathering and storing vast amounts of data. Data, that needs protecting. For this all-important-responsibility IGA turned to Cisco. The airport integrated Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for their networks, webs, emails & endpoints. Thanks to these, IGA’s IT infrastructure is better secured. They are now able to more accurately identify & track down potential threats, preventing attackers from breaching their systems. As you can see, Cisco’s reach is everywhere, even in education. They allow those passionate about tech to make IT into a career by giving people the chance to obtain recognized IT certifications at different levels of competency, simply by passing Cisco certification CCNA 200-301 ENSLD 300-420 ENARSI 300-410 Practice Tests Questions.

Test 200-301 Details and the Skills It Gages

Below we look at one of their tests, whose learning content covers a lot of the technicalities that Certbolt  Cisco used to remedy Istanbul Grand Airport’s IT issues. This would be the Cisco 200-301 assessment that lies at the Associate Level. Upon completion of this single exam, you will obtain the valued Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) badge. 200-301 is a 2-hour test that assesses your understanding of network components like routers, servers, and end points. One also needs to understand switching concepts like frame switching, the appropriateness of different types of interfaces & cabling given different circumstances, known of Virtual Machines, and set up IPv4 & IPv6 addressing. Working through the exam topics will mean you learn about VLANs, access ports, trunk ports, Ether-Channels, and discovery protocols; ideas paramount in setting up access to networks. The test syllabus also teaches you to interpret terms such as ‘gateway’ & ‘network mask’, understand the metrics involved in a router’s decision making, and know the significance of the first-hop redundancy protocol. The ability to distinguish DHCP & DNS with a network; a firm grasp on the basics of security like vulnerabilities, mitigation techniques, access control, the configuration of Layer 2 security features such as DHCP snooping; and finally acquiring a functional knowledge on the plus points of network automation are all central pieces of coursework for this assessment.

Building the Prep Team

Since this is the new and updated CCNA badge by Cisco Certification Exams, there are lots of new learning materials that have been added. The good news is that there are some awesome resources online to help while you prepare. You just can’t go wrong with this top tier list of ours:

  • Jeremy’s IT Lab is a YouTube channel that has a COMPLETE course for the CCNA 200-301 assessment. You get detailed lectures on every topic included in this test, short quizzes based on Jeremy’s lectures, flashcards to aid your recall, Virtual Labs using Packet Tracer (Cisco’s network simulation software), and finally a bunch of practice tests for evaluation so you can get better. Oh, did we mention that Jeremy gives you all these for FREE?
  • Another spectacular channel to help reach prep pinnacle is Keith Barker. From Dynamic ARP Inspection to port security, to 802.1Q Ethernet trunking, to DHCP Snooping, and everything in between; Keith’s CCNA 200-301 Master Playlist covers all that you need. What really makes his videos special is his fun & energetic personality that captivates learners, who then pays attention to his lectures willingly! Keith too offers self-made virtual labs using Cisco’s Packet Tracer. Again, this course is also entirely FREE.
  • You can also take a look at the channel named Illimitable Internetworking- International. Once again, the whole course in the middle of your palm, zero dollars spent. The host of these videos is SajjadGhaffoori, holder of five different Cisco credentials. Sajjad does a great job by explaining all the necessary topics in a very simplified way, at times combining personal experiences to give interesting insights.
  • If you’d prefer an official training course, then you could buy Cisco’s ‘Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA) v1.0’ for $800; inclusive of self-paced training materials, video training, and virtual labs, this series will touch on everything related to networking & security, while emphasizing the most recent additions to learning content like network programmability & automation.

Exam Dumps Give the Assist

Alongside all the above-mentioned resources, you need to have one more star player on your team: From the Exam-labs’s platform you can download many free braindumps for 200-301 designed to help you pass the assessment more effortlessly. On top of that, you can even buy the Premium Bundle for 200-301 at $59.99 that gives you access to 102 verified questions & answers, a 235-lecture training course, and a study guide of 1,969 pages. These exam dumps are in .ete format so you’ll require the ETE Exam Simulator by Vumingo to view them. This software will recreate the exact testing environment of the Cisco 200-301 exam, and will give an accurate indication of how well you are to do on the test day.

Clutch Fleeting Opportunities

It is impossible to overstate the outstanding name value that Cisco has. Being able to link back to this vendor because of that coveted CCNA credential means there’s a lot of good in stored for you; be it in terms of better pay or rapid hires. It only makes sense that you take this opportunity, doesn’t it? So, start now. Use those updated & reliable exam dumps that the offers, and set off to pass test 200-301 on attempt number 1. After all, why worry? This is the updated certification, so it’s not retiring any time soon… Good luck!

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