uTorrent alternatives 2020: Best of all time ( Fast and Secure )

There used to be a time when a torrent client system was entirely dominated by uTorrent. uTorrent was open source, ad-free, and was completely free.

It used to be packed with tons of powerful tools and was very lightweight.

But later on, BitTorrent, Inc. bought uTorrent and things changed. BitTorrent took control over uTorrent and used the extensive user base of uTorrent to make money. They packed uTorrent with fewer tools in the free version and even with ads and bloatware.

Then the uTorrent alternatives began to develop. Choosing between the options and selecting the best among them was not that hard but in the present date, a lot of torrent client services exist, and the risk of virus always arises as many of them are infected and may infect your system.

Do you know the list of working Torrent sites Here is the list we collected of the best torrent sites?

Utorrent Alternatives In 2020

So for our g24i readers’ sake, we tested many torrent clients and came up with the best in every perspective.

Here is a list of best uTorrent alternatives of all time. But wait! Before jumping into the list, and using torrents, make sure you hide your identity as there are a lot of illegal things going on when you download a file from torrent.

The torrent itself is not illegal but downloading a file that is licensed or copyrighted like some music or movies is unlawful, and you may be behind bars just for downloading a torrent file, so we suggest you hide your identity by using best VPN services which changes your public IP and location.

 1. Deluge (Best Utorrent alternatives for mac)


In the first spot, Deluge is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Deluge is an open-source program and is entirely free and is available since 2006 and considered as the best alternatives to Utorrent.

If you have an old PC or low memory device, this torrent client is for you. It uses way little memory and computer processing power compared to other torrent clients. Being lightweight, it is much easier to use and has almost no bugs.

If you like Deluge and you have a good PC, then they offer several powerful plugins to customize Deluge according to your need, and even third-party plugins are also available.

Download Deluge


tribler utorrent alternatives

First released in 2009, this relative newcomer is another Utorrent alternative open source project, completely free and mainly targeted to privacy-concerned users.

They have developed their own Torr like Onion routing network to help keep their users anonymous while downloading torrents.

And as it is a newcomer, it is still testing its new features, so it takes your feedback time and often.

A search button is included to make it easier to search the torrents across the web. The VLC media player is also built-in to be able to play the videos, and you can play the videos even it is not fully downloaded.

Most importantly, it has a dark mode so you can enjoy a fresh appearance. Tribler is available in Windows, macOS and Ubuntu Linux

Download Tribler

3. WebTorrent

web torrent alternatives

Coming up in number 3, here comes WebTorrent browser alternative to Utorrent.

It is a newcomer released in 2017, but I call it a beast in all of the torrent clients.

There is a desktop app available for WebTorrent We torrent(Windows, Linux, and macOS) but you don’t need to install the desktop app if you don’t want.

WebTorrent can be directly functioned from your web browser from Here. If you like watching your content before it finishes download, then you need to install the desktop app and remember their desktop app is still in beta version, but when I tested I didn’t find any bugs and it worked perfectly fine for me.

You can stream your videos to Chromecast and DLNA. It is designed with a crisp minimalistic appearance and has a native dark mode.



This open-source software was officially released in 2003, and it’s packed full of features.

There is a built-in search tool that checks multiple torrent sites, including its network of high-quality sources with just one search.

They offer subscriptions that make it easier to find similar content and offer HD media playback so that you can enjoy playing the video while it is downloading (only for pro members).

Also, it can convert any files to be played on another device you want. This is open source software, so it’s likely to see ads in the free version, but if you’re going to get rid of the ads, they offer ad-free premium version called Vuze Premium just at $9.99 per year (this rate may change at the time you are reading) with an inbuilt antivirus program. Vuze is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Download Vuze



qBittorrent can be an excellent and competitive alternative for uTorrent. Released in 2006, qBittorrent is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

It has almost everything that a torrent client needs to have except dark theme like a search box to search the torrents across web, built-in media player to play videos and much more basic stuff.

And talking about the advanced stuff, qBittorrent supports magnet links and has support for DHT too.

What else do you need than this? It’s better to use all the features of uTorrent with no ads and in a more clean interface, right? Then go for qBittorrent. You’re going to love this.

Download qbittorrent



Being one of the most beautiful closed sources torrent clients, Tixati is one of the best torrent clients out there in the market right now which holds a lot of features for beginners as well as a torrent freak.

The interface is appealing and pleasing. As I used, I found no bugs, and one thing that everyone is afraid while using torrent is about the virus.

This utorrent alternative claims to be 100% virus-free so you can go for Tixati without any doubt. This torrent client is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS and is entirely free.

Download tixati


transmission torrent

I think this utorrent alternative gives you the best ad-free torrent client experience ever.

Transmission is an open-source program and officially launched for Linux and macOS and is entirely free.

You can also get a third party version of Transmission for Windows if you want, but I prefer you not to go with it. Transmission is very lightweight and has a clean UI but packed with powerful features like the web interface, peer exchange, speed controls, DHT, Encryption, tracker editing, and many more.

Due to its popularity, Transmission comes in-built with some of the popular Linux Distros like Ubuntu.

Download transmission

8. BitTorrent (Utorrent Alternative for android)


Coming up to the eight positions comes our original torrent client.

Despite being the unique torrent client, it is not the best utorrent alternative I have ever tried.

First things first, this torrent client available for Android, macOS, and Windows, of course. You do not need to spend a penny as it is entirely free, but you may be bothered by ads so you can go with the ad-free BitTorrent pro if you do not prefer alternatives and can happily pay for the original torrent experience.

This utorrent alternative provides support for magnet links, torrents and is packed with an in-built search engine. You will have to be careful while installing this software; otherwise, it will fit other unwanted software in your system.

Download BitTorrent



Last but not least, FrostWire is a compelling Utorrent alternatives torrent client mainly used by iOS users.

It has got its iTunes plugin due to which the iOS user prefers it more so music transfer in this utorrent alternative goes like bananas.

It has an inbuilt search engine so you won’t bother yourself searching the torrents in google or other search engines.

Directly search the torrents in its search bar and get rid of the anxiety of searching torrents on the web. I found the user interface of this torrent client a bit more complicated so beginners may face a little bit of problem but only until you get used to it.

FrostWire is available for macOS and Windows. Sadly no Linux support. But plus point, it is entirely free.

Download FrostWire


Ending up, these are the best uTorrent alternatives with almost 0 bugs and which provides better tools and also most of them are easy to use or beginner-friendly.

Now you can enjoy downloading the torrent files, and I repeat, be safe while downloading torrent as you may fall in legal cases.

So it is better you use a VPN for your protection and don’t forget to comment down if I missed any of the uTorrent alternatives that give a flawless performance.

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