What Are Contractions in English Grammar?

While speaking or writing the English Language we use Contractions to short words or phrases. In English Grammar, Contractions is defined as too short or reducing one or more phrases or words. Then replace them with letters by putting an apostrophe (‘). We use Contractions to short our words by using an apostrophe and associate two words into one. 

Contractions are widely used in daily life while writing English Language and during the conversation also. In Contraction, we drop one or more words and replace it with (‘) an apostrophe. So, the use of an apostrophe defines that there is a missing word in that place and combine the later letters to make a Contraction.

Most of the writers use Contractions while writing because it looks good and it improves the readability. Also, while writing an essay Contraction is effective to use but not necessary to use. Moreover, informal writing like papers, essays, grant proposals, and other professional works contraction is not necessary to use. To grade my essay contraction is not consider to check it whether it is used or not. Contractions are mostly used to conversations and in informal writing. The use of contraction is common and there are many contractions of the English are available.

Let’s Take a Look in Some Contractions Examples:

  1. Will not = won’t

To use Contraction, we just drop the ill from will and n and exchange them with an apostrophe. 

  1. He is = he’s

To use Contraction, we just drop I from is and exchange them with an apostrophe. Then he is become he’s. 

  1. I have = I’ve

To use Contraction, we just drop from having and exchange them with an apostrophe. Then I have become I’ve. 

  1. Did not = didn’t

To use Contraction, we just drop the o from not and exchange them with an apostrophe. Then did not become didn’t.

Note: In contraction, the use of the apostrophe is one time and the removed letters maybe one or more it does not matter. In spoken language, Contraction is very common to use. Mostly we use Contractions when we quote someone such as:

Example 1;

Anna said, “I wasn’t amazed because I recognized she was coming to visit.”

  1. Was not = wasn’t

Some of the Commonly Used Contractions in the English Language

  1. He is he’s
  2. Are not aren’t
  3. Did didn’t
  4. Does doesn’t
  5. Has hasn’t
  6. Have haven’t
  7. I am I’m
  8. I have I’ve
  9. Is not isn’t
  10. Let us let’s
  11. We had; we would we’d
  12. We are we’re
  13. We have we’ve
  14. Will not won’t
  15. Would not wouldn’t
  16. You are you’re
  17. You have you’ve
  18. You had; you would you’d
  19. You will; you shall you’ll

Many other Contractions were used in the English language to short words. Contractions are normally used in written dialogue, speech, and informal forms of writing. It is mostly used in a spoken language not too much while writing the English language.

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