What makes DigiCert SSL so awesome?

Complete SSL/TLS Solutions

DigiCert recognizes the many requirements of site security and site structure. Therefore, DigiCert offers certificate authority services that range from domain validation to extended validation and code signing certificates. Diversification of products makes it easy for individuals and businesses to secure their websites. DigiCert offers affordable online security solutions for small and large companies.

Daily Malware Scanning

DigiCert malware scanning is performed daily to scan as many pages as possible. To identify hidden malicious code, the scan also analyzes the code of a webpage. Every day malware scanning finds common vulnerabilities and checks for them. Hackers are always trying to spread the virus or steal confidential data. DigiCert malware scanning stops these activities and keeps your site safe.

The Industry’s Strongest Encryption

DigiCert SSL certificates come with the most modern encryption. It can be 256-bit, SHA-2 algorithm, or 2048-bit CSR encryption. Every online transaction will be protected with this security standard. The CA/Browser Forum recommends these security standards. Strong encryption will keep hackers away from any ongoing information, MiTM attacks, and data sniffing activities.

DigiCert Warranty

DigiCert provides a relying-party warranty that is designed to cover damage caused by certificate-related failure. DigiCert is aware of the importance of the issuance process. It will not allow any error to damage its reputation. DigiCert’s PKI, validation, and issuance methods put customers’ security first and offer great customer service.

Norton Secured Seal

DigiCert Norton- A dynamic site seal that can increase visitors’ trust when they see that the site has been authenticated by one of the most respected certificate authorities. The Norton site seal is a great way to convert your visitors into customers. This site seal is seen more often than other seals. The site seal instantly increases the trust of visitors and decreases cart abandonment.

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