What You Need To Know About Military-Grade Computers and How Consumers Can Use Them

In this modern-day and age, almost everyone is already well-versed in using computers and electronic gadgets. While some are already content with a computer that they can use for common online activities such as surfing the internet, some people are keen on acquiring computers with higher specifications. Some even get hold of military-grade computers which is tackled in this article.

Military-grade Computers in Brief

Only the computers and electronic gadgets that meet certain specifications can be considered to be military-grade. In meeting these specifications, the computers need to pass a certain set of validation and stress tests. According to the computer experts at CP-TechUsa.com, a military-grade computer is one that passes the MIL-STD 810G standards at the very least. Other standards that it needs to adhere to before a computer is labeled as military-grade include MIL-STD 901D, MIL-STD-167, and MIL-STD-461.

Some of the testing protocols included in these standards are drop and immersion tests, as well as vibration tests and ballistic shocks. The overall objective of these tests is to validate the sustainability of the device, ensuring that it will be able to function even in the harshest environmental conditions.

Features of Military-grade Computers

Apart from being able to withstand the toughest surroundings, military-grade computers also have all the specifications of a consumer-grade computer. In addition to this though, they also have a variety of other features that are specific to their application. For instance, some may have circular connectors or hot-swap power supplies and fans to withstand extreme heat. Others may offer a high brightness display suitable for sunlight viewing or a custom connector and built-in handles and straps to make it stable regardless of its position.

Military-grade computers are also resistant to dust and water because they are often subject to an environment wherein these factors are present. They also come with electromagnetic shielding, making them resistant to electromagnetic pulses. To deliver this feature, military-grade computers are made from special materials and manufactured using advanced techniques. As a result of this process, the required level of toughness necessary for a military-grade computer is achieved.

Uses of Military-grade Computers

Military-grade computers are primarily designed for various military applications. In this case, these electronic gadgets are often employed in remote locations with unfavorable weather conditions and where service is often difficult. They can also be subjected to areas where sudden pressure changes can be expected such as in submarines or high amplitudes. Apart from military operations though, these state-of-the-art electronic devices can also be used in various other industries.

  • Construction Sites

Because military-grade computers are dust and water-resistant, they prove to be beneficial for use in construction sites. Alongside this, there is also a great chance that these computers can withstand a drop from a great height, which can potentially happen in construction sites. Military-grade computers are also less likely to be damaged by the materials used in construction sites.

  • Mining Operations

Military-grade computers are also suitable for use in mining operations because they can still work efficiently even if they are subjected to demanding conditions such as intense heat or cold. Mining sites are also considered to be high-pressure environments where dust, moisture, and other particles are imminent. Because military-grade computers can withstand these conditions, they are preferred in mining operations.

  • Industrial Research

To gather an ample amount of data, researchers sometimes need to spend a significant amount of time in remote locations, or areas that are subjected to unfavorable weather conditions such as rainy jungles, arctic wastelands, or even blazing hot deserts. Their equipment needs to be able to withstand these types of environmental surroundings to ensure that they gather precise data. For this reason, researchers also go for military-grade computers to foster their research process.

Cost of Military-grade Computers

Because of all the features that military-grade computers are equipped with, expect that they are more expensive compared to an average consumer-grade computer. With stronger materials and more capable hardware, if you go for a military-grade computer, every penny that you spend is worth it because of its durability. Rest assured that such types of computers also come in a certain price range, allowing you to go for one that poses the most reasonable price for the features that you need.

Military-grade computers are not your average computing devices because they are designed with more extensive features. They are built to withstand extreme temperatures that they can be subjected to during military applications. For this reason, they are also applicable to construction sites and mining operations. Because of the spectacular features of these computers, you can probably expect military-grade electronics to become more popular among consumers in the future.


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