What You Should Know About Printing Stuff on Google Chromebook

Introduced barely 10 years ago, Google’s proprietary computer operating system (dubbed “Chrome OS”) has made massive waves on the portable laptop market, now rivaling giants like Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. In a nutshell, Chromebook devices are all about simplicity, efficiency, and cloud services. They’re becoming ultra popular with their compact form factors and affordable price tags. Now, whether you’re a college student or a home-based freelancer, you’ll find yourself needing to print documents on paper every once in a while if you use a Chromebook. All you need is a decent printer and an internet connection! This dedicated guide will show the ropes on how to print stuff on your Google Chromebook, the quick and easy way.

Getting Your Printer Ready

This should go without saying, but many users will overlook this first step and end up experiencing frustrations later on. Before you set out to print whatever you need, whether it’s a single sheet or a multi-page document, make sure that your printer is in working condition. It should be well-stocked on blank paper, ink cartridges (black and colors), cables, and whatever else allows it to function. Be sure to also check your internet connection and Wi-Fi signal in case you have a smart printing device. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on.

Using a Cloud-Ready Printer

Perhaps the best thing about printing stuff on a Chromebook is the versatility that Google systems offer, notably via Google Cloud Print. If you own one of the latest cloud-ready printers from a major brand, the task becomes even more effortless. Once both your Chromebook and printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you should be able to pair them easily by following these steps:

  • Look for the gear-shaped settings icon
  • Type “print” in the appearing search box
  • Select “Printers,” then tap the “Add Printer” button
  • Locate your device on the list, and click “Add” to pair the printer.

Ready to give it a go? Now, whether you use an HP, Canon, or another brand of printer, the tech experts from BillLentis.com explain that you might need to download a dedicated app on your Chromebook to ensure device compatibility. Some quick research will point you towards the most fitting solutions.

Using a Traditional Wireless Printer

Of course, not all Chromebook users have the luxury of owning a state-of-the-art printer, especially if they only need to churn out physical documents occasionally. If that’s your case, don’t fret; as long as your printer supports a wireless internet connection, you shouldn’t have a hard time printing stuff out. In the event your printer doesn’t appear on the list of nearby device in your Chromebook settings as detailed above, you can try pairing it manually using this foolproof method:

  • Locate the “Add Manually” button on the printer settings page
  • Name your printer
  • Enter the printer’s IP address in the “Address” box. You can find it directly on the printer’s display menu or network/wireless configuration.
  • Leave the following two fields as is and click “Add.” Next, you’ll be asked to type in the printer’s brand and model (for example: “Canon” and “Pixma MG3620”).
  • Select the right option that pops up and click “Add” again. Your printer should now be paired and ready for action.

Using an Old-generation Printer

In case you haven’t upgraded your printer in years and think it’s impossible to operate in with your modern Chromebook, think again! Old printers without internet connectivity, or those with wireless pairing issues, can be connected to Chromebook devices using a standard USB cable. It’s not as fancy and convenient as the other two methods, but it works! Here’s how it goes:

  • Plug the USB cable into the printer and link the other end into the Chromebook. Of note: Depending on your cable and device’s ports, you might need an adapter for this.
  • Open Chromebook settings and type “print” in the appearing search box.
  • Select “Printers,” then click the “Add Printer” button.
  • Locate your printer and click on this, then press the “Add” button to finalize the pairing. Voilà!

All in all, as we much as enjoy the convenience of “all-digital,” there comes a time when we must simply print stuff on paper for personal or professional use. Fortunately, modern Google Chromebook devices make this exercise a cakewalk. Regardless of what brand of printer you own or how acquainted you are with cloud services or Wi-Fi pairings, this guide should have familiarized you with everything you need to know to print things on your Chromebook. Don’t hesitate to look up online troubleshooting guides or contact Google support if you’re experiencing issues of any sort. Happy printing!


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