Why such a big increase in online selling at the moment?

The current Coronavirus is forcing people to shop online more and moreover the idea only say one person allowed in each shop or business or you have to do social distancing which will annoy a fair amount of people and some products are getting harder to get such as toilet paper or milk or many other products meaning relying on your usual shops is not always a good idea.

What products can you sell Ecommerce wise?

  1. Toilet paper or general household things
  2. Videogames may sound a bit strange to you but if you think about it more people will now be staying home so them doing something inside there rooms or wherever in the house will be attractive to a fair amount of them
  3. Baby clothing since parents will be less likely to go out buying clothing while the virus is going on for safety reasons
  4. Pets you may think wait how can I sell a product when you need into theory post them you can do it in say local way where you just delivery in the car or so depending on what pet you sell or pay a delivery firm to do it for you I have read many times of big demand for dogs or people selling dogs for bigger money than normal over the current world affects. https://www.lifeofcoding.com/
  5. Video editing software since many people will be bored if you can sell programs like this many people can use since most people have a camera of some kind this could possibly make you a lot of money plus fill in people days while they are not working or working a lot less than they normally do
  6. Books a fair amount of people are doing book reading to learn new skills or simply gain knowledge so you could make big money depending on how well you can do SEO or market your business online or simply sell on eBay books which you can do with your second hand or first-hand books alike you may not know these books are still popular even in the information age we all live in.
  7. Computers this could include laptops or desktop or tablets or phones alike since many people are staying inside more this could be a good time for you to sell product since people can use it for simply watching TV shows or movies or playing games or many other things even doing an online degree if they want to improve their employment stages once employment opportunities get better for everyone in the world.
  8. Selling pool or snooker equipment this may sound strange or dumb idea to you but consider this you can play it indoors and some people will quite likely buy them to fill in there time and you can make a pretty impressive profit even if you sell them at cheap or fair prices as well for example you sell a pool table for say $500 for that you could fairly easily make over $100 profit on it.


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