Writing- a Vast Field to Explore

Writing is genetically inherited or pursued as a passion. Learning is the key to success because not everyone is or can be a writer. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. You can only survive in this field if you love to write and know how to write. There are many essays for sale that can help you in every possible way.

Now, for all of you that want to enter this line of work because you enjoy the process and not just the monies:

  • It’s just not possible at this level.
  • You first need to learn how to write a proper sentence (It’s a continuous effort.
  • You read ten pages, then write one, and keep on doing it until you start to see improvement. And when you do, you keep on doing it, even more).
  • Then learn how to sell your services (the art of proposal writing, knowing where to find your clients, understanding their pain points, etc.).
  • Then start working (First, you’ll begin with outsourcers you’ll find on Facebook, then you’ll think of making a gig or two on Fiverr, then you’ll move on to Upwork, etc.).
  • Make a portfolio on Google drive, or any other free website (a free WordPress blog or Medium articles can also do the trick).
  • And then, and only then, you start pitching to agencies, websites, companies, newspapers, etc. where the actual money is made (email their editors or follow their guidelines).

This is a rough sketch of a freelance writing career, and it will take a good portion of your life to achieve. This won’t happen overnight, nor will it happen in a few months.

Here are some of the formats:

  • Article: articles generally cope with general topics, and their word count varies from 300 to 1000 words.
  • Descriptive Essay: the essay that describes the characteristics and traits of objects, people, feelings, and events in intricate detail is known as a descriptive essay.
  • Dialogue: discussion over something between two people is known as dialogue. 
  • Data Entry: general copy-pasting or entering some entries in MS office is known as data entry 
  • Essay: the explanation of a particular topic with immense research is known as an essay
  • Formal Letters: letters written to special people
  • Informal Letters: letters written to fellows
  • Non-Classified/Display Advertisements: publicity of any brand
  • Notice: official letters
  • Paragraph: a little description of any topic
  • Story: the narration of something by connecting one sentence with another by involving proper characters, plots, and twists
  • Summary: abstract of something well-explained
  • Academic writing: abstract of the entire course in the form of essays, review papers, and research papers
  •  SEO: search engine optimization. It helps ranking websites and other stuff over Google
  • Blog Writing: storytelling or little explanation of anything. It varies from 300 to 500 words

There are other fields too. All of them differ from each other and have a different value in the industry. You need to explore yourself and see where you fit in. 

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