Best Emulators to Play PlayStation Portable Games on PC

PlayStation Portable is one of the most widely used handheld video game consoles. Sony Corporation had launched this device in 2004 and it has sold over 82 million units till 2014. As you can imagine, people really admired this device for its games and performance. Its production was discontinued in 2014, but many people want to play PSP games again. 

Is there a way of playing PSP games on the PC? Yes, there is a way and you need the best PlayStation Portable emulator to play those games on your personal computer. Don’t forget to get PSP ROMs once you get the emulator program. 

Top three PSP emulators for PC users:

Following three emulators are the best to play PSP games on the PC:




Being the best PSP emulator program, PPSSPP has entertained millions of users till the date. It is a free and open-source emulator program. You can install and run this program on your Windows PC, macOS PC, iOS device, Android device, and also on your Nintendo Switch!

People praise this emulator as a fast and flawless program to run all the renowned PSP games. This program was first launched in 2012 and the developers continued to improve its performance. The latest version may seem a bit different from the original PPSSPP emulator, but its performance is also quite improved. 

You want to play your favorite PSP games on your PC, but this emulator can also run those games on your mobile devices. That’s how effective this emulator program is. Download it now because you can get it for free from the internet. Use the official PPSSPP website to download the latest tool and then get PSP ROMs to play your favorite games. 

  • PCSX-Reloaded:

This program is known as the best PlayStation Portable emulator. You do not need the original BIOS file to run PSP games on this emulator. It can flawlessly simulate the functions and operate smoothly on any PC. 

The designers have created this program to be compatible with all the popular PSP games. You can download and install this emulator program on your Windows, Linux, and macOS PCs. Pick the right version of this tool and you will not face any trouble in installing it. 

  • ePSXe:

It is another widely used PSP emulator, which you can download right now. This program requires a special BIOS file to run PSP games. That special BIOS file is available on the internet. So, do not forget to download that file when you install ePSXe on your computer. 

This emulator is known for running most of the PSP games. Whatever title you choose, get its ROM file, load that file to ePSXe emulator, and then run the game. It will run each of your favorite games smoothly. 

This emulator program has a patching feature, which permits players to use game patches. You can pick any PSP game that does not run smoothly on your device and fix it by using the ePSXe patch file. This particular feature makes ePSXe a great platform to play PSP games on the PC. 

Final words:

People often remember the games they used to play on PlayStation Portable, smile, and forget the idea of playing those games again. Many do not think about playing PSP games because they do not own that legendary handheld console. You don’t need it to play PSP games! Choose the best PSP emulator, download it, and then get PSP ROMs to run your favorite PSP games on your computer. That’s how simple it is and you must try this approach if you are a huge fan of PSP games.

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